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Reasons to Pack and Move to a Small Town

Bruce Fletcher - Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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Reasons to Pack and Move to a Small Town

There are many well-known benefits to living in a large city, such as having many things to do and plenty of unique job opportunities. However, living in a small town can be even more awesome than living in a big city. Here are a few reasons why small-town living is excellent, courtesy of Savior Property Management.

Less Traffic

Traffic is a huge problem in most major cities, especially those without good public transportation or a subway system. Even people living in the few cities that do have these services experience delays and crowdedness when using them for commuting. Because there are fewer people in small towns, they tend to have less traffic. This makes for a less stressful commute and an easier time running daily errands or leaving town for a vacation. 

Improved Mental Health

All of the stresses involved with living in a crowded urban area can take a toll on one's mental health. Smaller towns provide less anonymity and more of a sense of community, which the American Psychological Association notes can help with conditions such as loneliness and depression

Lower Cost of Living

Large cities tend to have a higher cost of living than smaller cities due to higher demand for goods, services, and housing. In small towns, items such as clothes, groceries, and home insurance tend to be much less expensive. 

Because small towns have a less dense population, their housing prices are lower as well. These quaint communities are a good option for those wishing to purchase a home, especially when coming from a suburban or urban area where they pay monthly rent. In these cases, it is advisable to find an affordable house to buy and put down a larger down payment relative to the overall cost. Often, this leads to the small-town homeowners paying less per month on the home mortgage than the rent they paid in the city.

Educational Advantages

Small towns often offer key educational advantages. With smaller classes at both the elementary and high school level, teachers can give kids more individual attention and better meet their needs. While small towns usually don't have a diverse selection of continuing education opportunities for adults, thanks to online options, you can get whatever you need to advance your career, as with a bachelor’s degree in business. What's more, this is usually a huge time savings, is less costly, and is more flexible.

Great Atmosphere for Starting a Small Business

There is less competition in a rural town among small businesses, particularly for those selling something not otherwise offered in the area. Before starting a business, look into what structure works best. For example, an LLC provides some tax advantages and flexibility that might appeal to business owners. Always check the state and local laws before moving to a new area. To file an LLC, it’s a good idea to use a formation service so you don’t need to do the legwork yourself.

Closeness to Nature

Living in a city, sometimes just leaving the city is an adventure. Living in a small town makes natural areas such as trails, parks, and lakes more accessible. Whether someone likes hiking, skiing, fishing, or something else, they can find a community close to those activities. 

Less Crime

Because people have less anonymity, there tends to be less crime in smaller communities. Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home and be free from worrying that their property could be damaged or stolen. Unfortunately, crime happens everywhere, but less populated areas generally enjoy lower violent and property crime rates.  

A Unique Atmosphere

Many people enjoy cities because of their expansive arts and cultural scenes. However, as Parenthood and Passports points out, small towns have unique atmospheres of their own for residents to take advantage of. Look into the local history and culture before moving to a new locality. 

If you’re looking for a less stressful way of living, moving to a small town can be a great decision. It can free you from the monotony of crowded city streets and open up all kinds of wonderful opportunities! 

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