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Settled and Comfortable: Adapting to the Bayou After an Out-of-State Move

Alyssa Strickland - Thursday, July 14, 2022

Moving to the Bayou is an exciting time but settling into a new place isn’t always easy. Brush those worries away. From Savior Property Management, here are some ideas for getting acclimated to your new home including transferring your LLC, adding some local flair to your house, going on local tours, and throwing a housewarming party.

Take care of your business.

If you own your own business and are registered as an LLC in your home state, you’ll need to file here, as well. There are certain steps and procedures needed to file for an LLC in Louisiana, and you may want to bring in extra help. Having a professional who understands the rules and requirements to do the legwork will save on time and stress, so consider hiring a formation service to file for you.

If you’re starting a new position with a new company, remember that there is etiquette attached. Make sure you know whether or not you can bring your own devices like laptops and tablets before your first day. Once at work, dress to impress, arrive early, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Add some local flair to your home.

Though you’ll want your new home to remind you of your old one, don’t be afraid to style it up with some new décor. Add some local Bayou flavor to common areas by adding a print of the city, the state flag, or even something fun like a gator throw pillow. If you have children, let them help pick out some of this décor and choose where in the house it should go. Encourage them to grab something Louisiana-style for their bedroom, too.

If you’re looking for something in a different style, consider replacing some of your furniture or home décor with something new altogether. It’s a fresh, new look for a fresh, new start.

Go on tours through the neighborhood and town.

In the process of moving in, take your family on a walking tour around the neighborhood. Show your kids their new school, local parks and playgrounds, and community centers. Then, jump in the car and check out what your town has to offer: restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers, and local farmers' markets, for instance. Get everyone excited by hyping up every discovery; perhaps, for instance, there’s an aquarium here that your old home didn’t have.

Even if you’re not in a major city, you can likely find various local tours, so play tourist. It could be a general city, architecture, or history tour. Don’t forget to engage! Your tour guide will be happy to answer any questions and you can discover even more about your surroundings.

Meet your neighbors with a housewarming party.

There’s no better way to meet your new neighbors than with a housewarming party. Distribute invitations via snail mailbox and as a rule of thumb, invite more people than you would for a dinner party. Give guests a window (2-3 hours, maybe) to come in, enjoy refreshments, and tour the new digs. Add name tag stickers at the door so you can better learn the names of your guests. Don’t forget to wear one, yourself!

Your backyard is another excellent spot to entertain and relax. Provide plenty of seating in a circle so your neighbors can chat. Fire pits are growing more popular and you can even build one yourself. If you’re using stones, you’ll want them to be nice and dry before lighting the pit. (If there’s been rain, the stones will need a few days to dry out, so keep this in mind while planning). Provide some kind of mosquito repellent including body spray, torches, and coils. You want your guests to have positive memories, not a million bug bites!

It takes time to adjust to a new environment, but it certainly isn’t impossible. You have plenty of options for settling in. Moving your LLC, adding some local flair to the house, playing tourist, and having a housewarming party are just a few ways to get acclimated more quickly.

Photo Credit — Pexels

Written by Strickland, Alyssa (2022, July 14).